Software Architect

London | Permanent
5 Years Experience

In Your Role

  • Collaborate with team members to determine best practices and requirements for software
  • Oversight and approval of all final programs and products before the formal launch
  • Oversee and support the coaching and training of team members to ensure all necessary employees are confident in the use of software applications
  • Actively seek ways to improve business software processes and interactions
  • Prepare an easy to understand report for supervisors detailing achieved milestones and short-term project goals
  • Use a proactive approach to common challenges and by continually researching best practices in coding
  • Ensure software security by developing programs to actively monitor the sharing of private information
  • Troubleshoot coding problems quickly and efficiently to ensure a productive workplace
  • Creating high-level product specifications and design documents.
  • Providing the development team with architectural blueprints to follow.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues with coding or design.

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    • 5-7 years of experience designing and implementing software applications
    • Professional programs certification in Java and others is desirable but not mandatory
    • Experience working on large-scale software projects
    • Demonstrated knowledge of web applications, cybersecurity, and open source technologies
    • Experience developing software utilizing various coding languages such as Java, PYTHON, C++ and more
    • Outstanding collaboration and communication skill are essential
    • Experience overseeing customized development of processes for multiple projects simultaneously
      Professional experience analyzing code for weaknesses and errors, and overseeing plans to improve them
      Experience designing secure software systems based upon industry-specific specifications


    • Mentorship and career guidance
    • An atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration
    • Regional network connections and opportunities
    • Constant innovation and discovery challenge

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