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Over a one-month period, for every phone donated Mobile Muster partnered with Landcare Australia to plant a tree for every phone. Being a Facebook Agency Partner, we worked closely with Facebook and utilised their BUILD workshop and multi-cell brand lift study to test mobile first creative versus the original TVC we were provided.


Being apart of the BUILD workshop hosted by Facebook we were able to turn a Traditional TVC into a mobile first video. This was important for the success of the campaign as creative is consumed differently across platforms. For example, traditional TVC’s build up the story climax to deliver the main message at the end of the ad. For Facebook, the main message should be delivered early to reward attention early, giving people a reason to pay attention.


To drive brand awareness, it is important to focus on ensuring the audience is impacted by your advertising. For MobileMuster, brand awareness was video led. To make sure the audience was being impacted the key was using addressable platforms that have high impact placements and are viewable. Being addressable, we can monitor the frequency to make sure users are being hit the right amount of times.
For this campaign we utilised the Facebook in-stream placement to capture user’s attention in an environment where the sound is on and is also un-skippable. By focusing on this and paired with the mobile first creative we were able to deliver very positive brand lift results for MobileMuster.

Ad recall 2.7x above average

Familiarity 1.7x above average

Action intent 3.1x above average

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